VST effect plugins for Windows PC
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VCH-1 vintage chorus vst effect (C) WOKWAVE


Vintage chorus effect plugin with the lush sound of old BBD hardware.

XDEL2 delay plugin by WOK


A dual delay with cross-feedback and tape style sound.

VSMINI Vocoder


A vocoder plugin with 20 bands, sibilance channel and integrated oscillator.

mreptr audio repeater plugin by WOK at WOKWAVE.COM


Micro-Repeater audio effect. Instant audio record and playback at selected beat divider.

VST Plugin-Pack (C) WOK


A pack of plugins for sample stretching.
Stretcha is a VST sample stretching playback plugin for extreme slowdown. 
StretchBPM is a sample stretcher to convert a loop from one BPM tempo to another.
Chipper is a drum loop tempo changer, preserving transients by cutting the loop into slices.

Glimmerverb by WOK - shimmer reverb VST plugin


A plugin for deep and long reverb tails with shimmer pitch shifting effect.

BACKPACK VST effect pack by WOK


A pack of plugins for reverse-audio effects!
Contains BACKPLAYER, INSTABACK, REFO-D and TAPEBRAKE for a very low price!



Reverse your audio with the press of a button. Great for live effects.



Instant audio backwards effect. Sounds like your audio is reversed immediately in the moment of playing.



VST delay plugin with an extra: standard host-synced delays, reverse-forward effects, filtered dub-delays with a tape sound - everything is possible..



Press your finger on a tape reel or disc - or use this plugin for the spin-down effect.

Ondes Martenot Palm Diffuser

Palm Diffusor

A virtual version of the Ondes Martenot Palme Diffuseur speaker!

Flanger VST plugin FLAN-W by WOK 2013

Flanger Plugin FLAN-W

Flange your guitar, drums, vocal - the famous vintage effect as VST plugin for Windows - free !

Superwave Simulator Plugin


This effect will make any synthesizer saw wave sound like the famous S-Wave from R.
Can be used for any other signal too to give it a 6x unisono vibrance.

Ringmodulator VST Plugin for Windows

RING-O Ringmodulator

RING-O is a tool for mangling your audio up to total distortment, but can also apply subtle effects if used carefully. Free !

Mixtube Vintage Tube Console Emulator


Our new effort to bring analog sound into your computer. Mixtube simulates a tube input stage of a vintage mixing console, giving your mix this full and warm sound so much sought-after.

M-ST-Mono Stereo Tool Plugin by WOK

M-ST Mono-Stereo Tool

M-ST gives you continuous adjustment of the stereo width of an audio signal quick and easy.

BassPlus Enhancer VST Plugin

BassPlus Bass Enhancer

BassPlus enhances the lower end of drums and other sounds, based on a detector algo.

EFU-1 echo plugin

EFU-1 Echo Freeze Unit

A flexible delay unit with a musical sound and a special extra: a “hold” function that freezes your audio on the fly and plays it back with seamless speed ajust. Read the details for this interesting new plugin.

Flexfilterbank Filter Plugin


An analog style filterbank. 8 adjustable BP filters for drastic effects on the incoming audio. Try it for free!

StepCut filter plugin

StepCut modulated filter

Stepcut is a dual modulated multi-filter plugin. An LFO and a stepsequencer control the cutoff frequency to generate straight or strange modulation effects. Click image to read more!

Bode Frequency Shifter

BFS-1 Frequency Shifter

The BFS-1 is an emulation of the famous Bode frequency shifter, a very rare and expensive effect used in the Moog™ modular system. Click the image for more infos and sound examples.

DTUNE detuner

dTUNE Soft Detuner

Add detuned voices to your synth or any other signal for a sound more full and rich.

Lexor Goldchorus VST Chorus Modulation Plugin

Lexor Goldchorus

High quality stereo chorus modulation effect.

CromFX Phaser Chorus Delay Plugin

CromFX Vintage Effects

The effect section of Cromina String Machine (chorus, phaser, delay) with enhanced options.

Simple Reverb Plugin Simprev

SIMPREV simple reverb

An easy to use reverb plugin for Windows.
Get it now for free!

XPhaser Phaser Plugin

XPHASER Dual Phasing Plugin

XPhaser offers the power of two different phasers with a variety of possible adjustments behind an easy to use interface.

Moog filter


Give every sound that Moog™ grumble. 
V1.2 with MIDI envelope control and envelope follower.

Dimension-D Chorus


Recreating the soft chorus sound of the classic Roland™ Dimension D unit.





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