VST MIDI plugins for Windows PC
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midiflip by WOK


MIDIFLIP mirrors incoming MIDI-notes at a given keys and sends the result to the output.

Classic Stepsequencer VST plugin Midistepper with Ratchet by WOK - official page


An easy to use 16-step MIDI sequencer VST plugin with interesting options under the hood!

Notenspeicher VST MIDI recorder by WOK


Notenspeicher is a step sequencer / key recorder plugin. It will record up to 64 MIDI notes step by step and and play it back (transposed) in various ways.

Chordmemory MIDI playback

ChordMem Pro

Play complicated chords with one finger. 
Record MIDI chords with up to 6 notes and recall them by pressing just one key.

Ratcheting MIDI Effect

Ratchit MIDI Trigger Effect

Ratchit is an addon to a step sequencer to produce the famous “Ratcheting” retrigger-effect in a sequence.

Arpeggiator Plugin

D-Arp dual MIDI Arpeggiator

A double power arpeggiator to trigger your plugins or external synths. Two arps can run parallel or serial (the first triggers the second). Extras like a force2scale function and the ability to run by manual stepping triggered by incoming MIDI notes on a different channel make this plugin stand out from other arpeggiators.

Blip 1000 matrix sequencer vst plugin

Blip1000 Matrix Stepsequencer

A step sequencer optimized for touchscreens or external controllers as a Windows VST plugin. Click image to read more!

Simple MIDI Arpeggiator SimpArp

SimpArp Arpeggiator

A simple and easy MIDI arpeggiator with all standard functions. Give it a try - it’s free !


Clockwork Stepsequencer

A vintage stepsequencer as VST-plugin ! MIDI input and output for use with any plugin, external synth and DAW.

MIDI ChordMemory


Play complicated chords with one finger. Record MIDI chords with up to 6 notes and recall them by pressing just one key.

Blip2000 MIDI Matrixsequencer

Blip2000 Matrixsequencer

A MIDI plugin for an alternative way to develop new sequences or music snippets. Try this full working version 1.0 for free!

MIDI Force to Scale

Skalenmeister force2scale

MIDI effect plugin to play in scale. Forces single notes to the given scale and key or generates chords from notes. Including Polymeister, the polyphonic version.


Tonmeister force2scale

Addon for CLOCKWOrK. Forces MIDI notes to a specific scale or generates chords. Can also be used with any MIDI input.

MIDI Filter Plugin


MIDI message filter for removing unwanted data when recording to a sequencer track or during playback of a MIDI-track. Free and Pro version available.

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