BFS-1 Frequency Shifter

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The BFS-1 is a VST emulation of the famous Bode frequency shifter.

The original unit was available as an expensive module for the Moog™ modular system.
Now you can get this special sound into your PC for a reasonable price.

The frequency shifter is not a pitch shifter, which changes frequencies by a multiplikation. Instead it shifts all frequencies/harmonics by adding a fixed amount. The sound reminds to a ring modulator, but unlike this, it is possible to get the upshifted and downshifted signal seperately.

Unlike a ring modulator, the frequency shifter is also capable of changing the signal by a low amount, e.g. 1 Hz, to obtain effects known as “Barberpole flanging”.

This plugin has some additional features like delays for each section, an LFO (all host synced), an envelope with MIDI trigger and an envelope follower to modulate shift and/or volume.

Included is a version with a smaller GUI for laptops and an extra version with 2x oversampling.

 Listen to some MP3 examples:

sound example1  example2  example3  example4

example5  example6  example7 


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