Want to have an old analog tube mixing desk?

Mixtube tube stage simulator

mixtube VST effect tube simulatorOne of the secrets for the special, warm sound of old recordings was the usage of mixing desks with tube input stages in past times. As you know, tube amplifying has many different effects on the audio signal like adding overtones, smoothening transients and so on.

With Mixtube, we carefully implemented these effects into an easy to use VST effect plugin. Insert Mixtube into each channel of your recording and/or the master channel, and enjoy a warmer, thicker sound of your music, with every signal fitting better in the mix.

Depending on the type and volume of the input signal and the setting of the drive knob, Mixtube adds even and/or odd harmonics, smoothes attacks and incorporates a compressing and limiting effect to your audio. Use it on vocal tracks to simulate the use of a tube mic preamp, crank the drive up for an electric bass recorded directly to get some driven sound, make your drums more fat - it’s up to you.

From subtle enhancements to audible tube distortion, all with the ease of turning just one knob.

Mixtube has build in oversampling to avoid aliasing and is low on CPU, so it can be inserted in all tracks of your project.

Please have a listen to the sound examples. A demo version is also available to test the plugin on your system. The full release version is available for purchase thru secure payment system Paypal with direct download afterwards. Get it while it’s hot and improve your mixes today!

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MP3 democlip
Dry first, then with Mixtube at a medium setting on each of the 4 tracks. (This is a subtle effect, although it can be driven to slight distortion)


WAV democlip
 Mixtube on each channel and the master, rendered and normalized. Dry first, then wet.



Made with SE1.1 = no Multicore bug !

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