UNCLE SAM  Sequencer Addon Module
Virtual Analog Synthesizer

Oberheim SEM emulation UNCLE SAM

Our next step in emulating classic analogue synthesizer sound!
UNCLE SAM is the big brother of our SAM plugin, again featuring our VAE* technique to emulate analog circuit instabilities.  This is the plugin version of how the musicians wished the Oberheim™ SEM module to be in that past times!

We kept the warm sound and the clearly laid out user interface of the predecessor SAM and added all this nice functions, which where to expensive to realize in hardware in that time. UNCLE SAM now has full equipped envelopes , a third oscillator, a ring modulator and an effect unit with delay and chorus. There is a third envelope to control the volume of the ring modulator / noise source and/or the pitch of VCO2 . The third VCO can run as a sub osc or tuned between the fine tune settings of the two main VCOs. There is an adjustable amplifier stage for all OSCs together with the ability to saturate the filter.

Also there are new filters: for the middle position between the lowpass and the highpass controller you may now choose between a bandpass, notch or comb filter. The filters can have 12 or 24db slope. Particularly the new 24db lowpass delivers a nice, droning sound.

There are two FX often needed to complete a sound, and thus it makes sense to save them within a program: a delay and a chorus. The delay is host synced and ranges from up to 4 bars to a very short time, which can result in bizarre noise scapes when used with the nearly 100% feedback.
For the chorus we offer you a dual mono chorus with a sound similar to old Roland™ synths, and a more modern sounding stereo chorus with a 6x unmodulated detune effect!

Together with the known MIDI modulation matrix and system options, this plugin will deliver much more than to be expected from the plain GUI.

64 presets included.  


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(single sounds)



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Made with SE1.1 = no Multicore bug !

* Virtual Analog Emulation

VST is a trademark of Steinberg. 
We are not associated to Tom Oberheim or Roland.