WOK VST-Plugins donation request

For a long time I provided many kinds of (free) VST plugins to the community.
This has been mainly a hobby all the time, nothing to make a living from. Developing the audio and graphics part of the plugins ate up all my spare time. Things also became more difficult with 64-Bit hosts raising up and the development system Synthedit-64 never leaving the alpha-state.
Because of my personal situation having changed severely, I may not be able to continue on this;  my stepson, who is living abroad, became seriously ill, so my wife and I had to spend all our remaining income for his treatment, while my own worsen health situation does not make it possible for me to spend so much time for an additional, non profit, work.  Another great misfortune has hit us when in spring 2016 my wife was diagnosed breast cancer.  As this has become a financial problem above all now, I started a fundraising campaign to collect money for further support of my stepson (please read more details about the story there).
If this would stablize our financial situation, maybe I would be able to spend time and energy again for the (much more interesting) plugin development. 
Meanwhile I reissued all my existing plugins as free-/donationware.
Please learn more about the story at Gofundme and also spread that link.  Thanks for your support!

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